Hill Hunter finds friends on the ski slope

Mobile app will locate all your friends and track the safety of their skiing

What is Hill Hunter?

Mobile app for visual searching of objects on the ski slope through the technology of augmented reality (AR). In season 2018, the functions of tracking the safety of skiing on the slope and the organization of joint games to search for virtual items will be added.
Skier VS Snowboarder
Hot pursuit

How it works

Create a group
Log in to the application and create a group
Invite your friends
Add to the group all the friends with whom you ride on the ski slope
Determine location
Find all members of the group both through the augmented reality in the mode of visual search and in map mode
Hill Hunter uses a unique developed algorithm for searching for Augmented Reality technology


The first service to find objects through augmented reality
Quick and easy search for friends on the ski slope
Place a virtual object on the slope and invite friends to search for it
The app monitors the safety of skating and alerts in case of danger
No need to call up again to find out who is where. It's enough to start Hill Hunter and visually determine the location of each.
On the slope, as always, do not get through to friends. During the downhill is not up to the phone, and just can not be heard because of the noise around. And now launched Hill Hunter then conducted a smartphone on the slope and found out where is the friends. Very comfortably!

Alexey Fomin

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